Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Offer

Attempting Aloha is offering a really wonderful pdf to the first 100 posters who take part. she has taken a 5.00 clock and turned it into something out of Pottery barn..and she is offering to send you a personalized pdf so you can make your own..How wonderful is that. So hop on over and visit her!

Welcome to Our Home

I am joining The Nester on her Christmas Tour of Homes and Show off your Cottage Monday this evening. While I feel like I have thrown together this posting..I hope you will forgive me. Let start at the curb..we are in Texas and its a battle keeping the leaves racked up. As you can see we let it go this weekend. LOL. I didn't want my sweet hubby to get up on the ladder to string lights across the top of the this year "less is more".

Come on up the walk, can you hear the water from the fountain? I love the sound of water, in the backyard I get to hear the waterfall to the pool, so when Mr. Charming bought me this fountain, well I was over the moon.

As you enter our home I hope you feel welcome..

Would you like a candy cane, four different flavors. Between Mr. Charming and our son, these usually have to be restocked often. I love Santa's, my first was one of these mugs a neighbor made me as a child. I have added new mugs here and there over the years.

Let's walk into the study where our main tree is..if you did not feel welcome before I hope you do now. Candi and Sammi are here to greet you.

This tree is one of several in our home. It has some really beautiful ornaments on it but if you look close, many tell a story.

Lots of silver, gold, crystal and a pop of color here and there.

See our hedgehog? He lets us remember our son's hedgehog "Sonic".

We have several elephants on the tree..I buy one each year..they say "an elephant never forgets" these elephants remind me of my mom and dad who passed 6 years ago. My mom collected elephants and now I celebrate with them on our tree.

See that OLD tiny stocking? That was given to my parents for me when I was just 3 months on for my first Christmas.

And while I love the egg ornament, check out that old metal bell. It still jingles, I have three of them that were from my grandmothers tree.

This is one of the feather wreaths I make..its a deep brown one and after I took the photo I traded it off with a hunter green one..I think it looks much better. The candles have ribbon wrapped around them to give them some holiday bling!

I love seeing the reflection of the tree in the mirror, here are a few little jars I made..I am sure you have seen them around blogland, I think many people made them.

ok..lets move we pass the stairway and all the stockings waiting for Santa..

I told you I like Santa's!!

Here is the tree in the family room, where we spend a great deal of time.

Here is my fireplace..its a thorn in my side, but its on "the list" for a Until than, we work with that white brick!

This is the nativity that I remember as a child..its not fancy, its not huge..except on great memories. (Notice the elephant lamp, that's my mom's)

Santa's in the bookcase..

My coffee table decor..guess I should have lit the candles..

Lets head to the kitchen..

How about coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Love my old Santa on top of the fridge.

Lots of baking and candy making goes on in our kitchen!

Thanks for dropping by.. you'll have to see the rest of the house on a later posting because this elf has to wrap gifts. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
ohhh here a preview of what I am working on in the dining room..tune in later this week..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take a chance and win!

Savy southern style is hosting a giveaway of something from Lisa Leonard Design Collection. Hop on over to Todays the last day to enter!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan
found over at

My Tablescape today is from Easter Sunday and it was tossed together the night before. I don't know how Easter crept up on me this year but I finally had Mr. C bring down a few tubs of my Easter decor just to set the two tables. Once again this year it was just Mr. C and I and our two children. Our daughter came home from college and our 16 year old son was so excited, not because of the decoration but he got a car on the Friday before Easter. Since it was just the four of us we ate in the morning room and went very casual. The day was overcast but we did get to enjoy the squirrels on the patio eating their Easter meal of fresh peanuts I put out for them.

Simple white napkins and a black tablecloth, yes I know black does not scream spring, but I like the backdrop it gives.

In the baskets are the eggs I painted last year, I really do like the pale colors.

I used three dishes because I love the shape of my chargers, love the blue of the plate and love the shape of the top plate that goes along the same lines of the chargers.

We set up the dining room as the buffet setting, more hand painted Easter eggs, but these I painted in bold colors, the Easter basket was mine as a child so it is older than and all the large eggs are part of a collection that were given to my children from my mom each Easter until she passed away.

Do you see the cream puffs? Well I made a Texas sheet cake the night before and Mr. C and I were home all alone and could not help I filled the empty space with cream puffs..

A vase of Peeps watches over the food!

See the cream puffs again..yes Mr. C and I were bad!

Eggs from Mom.

Hope you enjoyed my little toss together Tablescape and come back to see me real soon! Have a blessed day!