Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show and Tell Friday!

This is the reason that this is my first posting in over a week! This is my firstborn dear daughter Kayla. She graduates from High School May 30th and we have been so busy trying to get everything done. She also leaves for Baylor University June 1st. I am a proud mama but so very sad that my baby is leaving the nest. So for all you mom's out there that have been through this, tell me how to cope..please!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tablescape Thursday ~ Spring Tables

Thanks to Susan over at for hosting today's event!

We are going to look at several great Spring Tablescapes today, from casual to elegant..and everything in between. Look over them and I hope you can take away ideas for your own Spring Table.

I love this, I love the color and how they took it through the entire table!

How about a sweet gift wrapped in your guest's napkins, who wouldn't love that!

Can you imagine having lunch here?

Take a vase, wrap any ribbon around it and its so much more festive!

Take your napkin and transfer your menu on great is that?

Beautiful for a simple breakfast..

Seed packets for your garden brunch..your guest will love this thoughtful idea.

Soup cans painted to go with your decor make great vases..

Anyone for a sunset dinner on the beach?

How cool is this?????? Branches from your yard..

Love the idea of multiple vases..

Gift bags hold small vases of flowers, a lemon poses as your place card..

Add a sprig of rosemary, the scent is great and might tell of more to come on the menu

Hope you enjoyed all the ideas here today! Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to another great Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan over at I was suppose to show my yard today but we have had way too much rain and the yard needs to dry out..look for my yard next Wednesday! Until than..

Let's take a stroll down this pretty path...

What do we have here, a beautiful bird bath and many birds enjoying it..

We continue past the garden shed..

Lets take a moment to sit and enjoy the great outdoors by the pool..

Time to get moving, I know there is someplace I am suppose to be..

Its easy to get distracted by all this beauty on our path..

Looking across the pool, wondering if we should go back and sit in those comfy chairs..

By the iron arbor

Lunch is served..this was so worth our little trip down the path!

This is my dream backyard..I would have to work for YEARS to get it..the only thing we have in common is the pool...

Whats on Your Wall Wednesday

Thanks to Barb over at Grits & Glamour who has brought back "Whats On Your Wall Wednesday". Hop on over there and sign up so we can all see whats on Your Wall!

This is in my entryway, when we moved in to this home it was Barbie's Pink Palace, pink everywhere, wallpaper, paint, silk drapes and carpet! Well one day not long after we moved in at about 11pm, I had enough, I removed the wallpaper in the entry, went out the next day bought dark green paint and black glaze. I than hung these crosses, which I love. I now am tired of the green paint and I think I want something light..but until than..this is what is on my wall.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Monday

Welcome to Blue Monday with our hostess SmilingSally at
Just a few beautiful blue rooms..enjoy!

Met. Monday

Welcome to Met Monday hosted by Susan over at

I started container gardens again..I do this every few years and I always fail. I can grow many things, just not veggies, but so far this year I am doing ok and very excited! Of course I took the pictures after the plants were pounded by two days of rain so they look a little peaked!

I started with small plants like these

Here is my curly leaf parsley, it is huge..

My sweet peas

I have 3 types of peppers

My tomatoes

My little herb garden, hit hard by the rain

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will it ever stop raining???

Its been raining all day, streets are flooded, and the rain keeps coming. On the bright side we just put down new sod in places so it is getting a good watering. Notice the waterline at the pool.

Dark and rainy!
Waters getting high

Yes, at this point it was overflowing..

Muddy paw prints..yuk! Lots of ongoing mopping today in the laundry room.