Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Table

We had a wonderful Easter, my daughter was home from college and it was wonderful to feel as if my nest was full. Hubby, son, daughter and me..what could be better!! The last few years since its just been us, I have switched from formal dining in the dining room for Easter to a more casual lunch in the breakfast room. I love to look out into the backyard and watch nature as we eat and visit. So here is my little tablescape for Easter.

See those little nests the chicks are sitting in, my hubby referred to them as muppet hair when I was making them, but he agreed they came out pretty good.

I'm a bunny lover..can you tell?

I decided to use make eggs to use as place cards..I love the way they came out.

I used the dining room as a buffet table..these are my red velvet egg shaped cakeballs. They tasted better than they

Hope you enjoyed my little tablescape tour!

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