Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dollar Store Deal

On my last trip to the dollar store I came across these stepping stones, they were 7 inch squares and I loved the sayings, but not so much the colors. This yellow goldish color is just not pretty in person. I decided to grab a few and bring them home in hopes I could figure out someway to use them.

I painted them white and glazed them, added little felt pads on the back so now they can sit on an easel, be used as a trivet or I could place a hanger on the back and hang them on the wall. I am thrilled with my dollar store find and no one would ever guess they were stepping stones for a buck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Message Board Makeover

Remember me?? Seems like I have been gone forever. Well it's been since Christmas! Life has a way of getting so busy and I have allowed it to overtake my "me" time. So now I have decided to grab the bull by the horns and take back my "me" time. My home was built in the 70's and while I love the wonderful perks it offers, it also offered a huge ugly semi working intercom. I detested it with every bone in my body, it stuck out like a sore thumb in my kitchen. One evening I told my husband I wanted it gone and within an hour it was and I was left with a hole. Not exactly the result I was looking for but it pushed me to do something about it. Mr. C ( hubby) found me an old gold frame in the attic and we painted it white.

While white was a thousand times better than the aged gold, it was stark...so to the kitchen table it came and my helpers and I went to work.

Alfred our cat doesn't look like he is helping but he is putting in his two cents..

And Sam my baby is also supporting me and keeping me company.

We glazed and glazed..

Until it looked like this and than I asked Mr. C to cut me some plywood to fit the frame, he did and we painted it with chalkboard paint.

This was my ugly hole..we will get around to drywalling it and matching the wall paper, but for now I refer to it as my secret hidy hole. LOL

And now my finished project, I love my board, it serves great for menus, grocery lists, quotes, reminders..prayer request..everything under the son. I love it and eve better I don't have to look at the ugly intercom anymore. Thanks Mr. C!!!!!!!!!!

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