Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dollar Store Deal

On my last trip to the dollar store I came across these stepping stones, they were 7 inch squares and I loved the sayings, but not so much the colors. This yellow goldish color is just not pretty in person. I decided to grab a few and bring them home in hopes I could figure out someway to use them.

I painted them white and glazed them, added little felt pads on the back so now they can sit on an easel, be used as a trivet or I could place a hanger on the back and hang them on the wall. I am thrilled with my dollar store find and no one would ever guess they were stepping stones for a buck!


Kindra-At Home With K said...

Wow! I need to check out my $$ store! I love the idea you painted over the yellow and made them look perfect! Enjoy!

Kristy Carberry said...

Very cute! Which store did you find these in?