Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wainscoting Overload

Over the weekend we painted the entry of our home. I was very excited with the color and decided to take the color up the stairs. Its a darker color so in the mist of painting I told hubby that we could offset the dark color with wainscoting that matches the wainscoting in the entry and dining room. of course we all know that one little project turns in to multiple ones. So I have gone through lots of photos to decide if this is what I want..and the answer is....YES..

Like this one above we will incorporate the handrain into the wainscoting

How about this very tall wainscoting?

I wonder why they did not build in the rain on both sides?

Fancy curve!

So what are your thoughts?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Entryway Redo

Have you ever just grown tired of a room? I did, it was my entry and as we all know thats the impression you give guests when they come to visit. The first impression! I felt my "first impression" was revealing that it was tired. When we moved into this home 13 years ago the owners had redone the house completely from head to toe, the problem is that it was barbies pink palace. From the pink raw silk drapes that hung in every room, to the expensive plush pink carpet. We has small children so we lived with the new carpet, but the pink wall paper and drapes had to go. The entry paper was removed and I painted the walls a bright green color and glazed it with black. I liked it..and for 13 years I kept it. But now it was tired and I was wanting it gone. I wanted something lighter..something that opened up my entry. I ended up picking lots of earthtones. As my husband says its all browns.. I perfer earthtones. Anyway this is what I came home with:

Six beautiful earthtones..my husband than went on a quest to match each of these samples to other rooms in out home. He failed..lol..I know what I have and these were all different!

After making the decision, primer went up and hubby proclaimed "there's no going back now"

The winner was Eddie Bauer "Fig"

Thinking I am loving the color against the wainscotting!

Before with the green/black color

After..yup..in love!

Everything just pops on the walls now!



Not bad for a weekend project! Of course we still need to go up the stairs and the landing, add wainscotting along the stairs and restain the handrail. We also need a new front door, but this is a start and I am thrilled! Thanks for stopping by!