Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tomorrow is Easter and my house smells of boiled eggs! I feel so very blessed to have my family home. My daughter is home from college and my son who is 16 actually has agreed to dye eggs again this year. I always wonder if there will be a year that he says We have had a busy week of yard work, buying my son his first car and spring cleaning! I look forward to tomorrow, having the family around the table for a wonderful meal. Once again this year like last I believe we will eat in the morning room instead of the dining room. I enjoy it being more casual for us four. I find I really miss my folks at holidays and remember how mom was always the last to finish the meal because she waiting on everyone else. But I so enjoyed those meals because people would end up leaving the table and just mom and I would sit and talk..sometimes we would sit for an hour after the meal was done just talking...ohh how I miss her! I want to send Easter Blessings to everyone and later I will post photos of my table..

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Debbie said...

Have a very BLESSED Easter!!!