Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

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My Tablescape today is from Easter Sunday and it was tossed together the night before. I don't know how Easter crept up on me this year but I finally had Mr. C bring down a few tubs of my Easter decor just to set the two tables. Once again this year it was just Mr. C and I and our two children. Our daughter came home from college and our 16 year old son was so excited, not because of the decoration but he got a car on the Friday before Easter. Since it was just the four of us we ate in the morning room and went very casual. The day was overcast but we did get to enjoy the squirrels on the patio eating their Easter meal of fresh peanuts I put out for them.

Simple white napkins and a black tablecloth, yes I know black does not scream spring, but I like the backdrop it gives.

In the baskets are the eggs I painted last year, I really do like the pale colors.

I used three dishes because I love the shape of my chargers, love the blue of the plate and love the shape of the top plate that goes along the same lines of the chargers.

We set up the dining room as the buffet setting, more hand painted Easter eggs, but these I painted in bold colors, the Easter basket was mine as a child so it is older than and all the large eggs are part of a collection that were given to my children from my mom each Easter until she passed away.

Do you see the cream puffs? Well I made a Texas sheet cake the night before and Mr. C and I were home all alone and could not help I filled the empty space with cream puffs..

A vase of Peeps watches over the food!

See the cream puffs again..yes Mr. C and I were bad!

Eggs from Mom.

Hope you enjoyed my little toss together Tablescape and come back to see me real soon! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tomorrow is Easter and my house smells of boiled eggs! I feel so very blessed to have my family home. My daughter is home from college and my son who is 16 actually has agreed to dye eggs again this year. I always wonder if there will be a year that he says We have had a busy week of yard work, buying my son his first car and spring cleaning! I look forward to tomorrow, having the family around the table for a wonderful meal. Once again this year like last I believe we will eat in the morning room instead of the dining room. I enjoy it being more casual for us four. I find I really miss my folks at holidays and remember how mom was always the last to finish the meal because she waiting on everyone else. But I so enjoyed those meals because people would end up leaving the table and just mom and I would sit and talk..sometimes we would sit for an hour after the meal was done just talking...ohh how I miss her! I want to send Easter Blessings to everyone and later I will post photos of my table..