Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make your home show like a Million Bucks!

I recently had the opportunity to walk through this wonderful home worth $2.2 million. It's a beautiful home, and as I walked through it I realized I might not live in a million dollar home but I can bring aspects to my home that were in this home so I thought I would share. First let's talk curb appeal, this home is very inviting and anyone can spruce up your front yard..a few well placed shrubs, trees and a splash of color .

As you approach the front door, you notice the potted urns, that's right girls..grab a urn and pot it full of pretty plants! This front door is over the top gorgeous, but we all can't afford a new lead glass and iron door, so pretty up what you have with a good cleaning and maybe new paint.

OK..this entry was a show stopper for me, I just wanted to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling! WOW!! But they do say the entry not only welcomes guests but tells them what to expect. And this entry was telling the truth! Now we all cannot have a bronze vaulted barrel ceiling, but we can add wonderful crown molding and if space permits a nice mirror, rug and chest.

To the left you see a peek of the dining room..lets go there.

Another wonderful ceiling and chandy. Once again we can achieve a great look with molding, paint, a nice large rug and decor accents.

As we make our way to the living room, I love how bright it is. Lots of windows, so what windows you have, open them up and let the light in. Here you notice they took one large room and made two areas. So many of us have larger rooms and this is a great idea instead of one big sitting area.

Need some extra seating? Check out the bench in front of the fireplace. You can get a bench for under $20, paint it and add fabric that goes with your living room and BAM..extra seating.

Now the kitchen..this is a dream kitchen so don't pinch me as I want to keep dreaming about this one.

So what can we do to bring some of this million dollar bling into our homes? How about the decorative moldings? Yes..yes ladies we can. In fact we took a wood rope molding and put it around our dishwasher and it really added alot of style. Have an island? How about adding some corbels. What about a nice rug under foot? Add a unique tile back splash behind the stove. Ladies do you see where I am going with this?

And now the den off the the ceiling! I am a beam

Do you notice the TV? Not really..and that's the way it should be. A beautiful room that does not scream TV!

This is the breakfast the tile over the buffet. Not a lot of 'stuff" but what is here is well thought out.

Onward to the Master Suite! Here they did the focal wall with wallpaper, not really a fan of one wall applications but here it works. Loved the art framing the bed. Wouldn't this be great with your children's photos in them? What about that seating area, maybe you don't have room for two club about one or maybe just the bench at the end of the bed. Lots of pillows add glam to this bed and pillows don't have to be expensive. Buy that cheap ugly pillow and cover it.

The master bathroom is beautiful and HUGE! Great ceiling again! What I love here is the use of the large candlesticks, buffet lamps and rugs. Not those normal bath rugs but rugs and runners you could use anywhere in the house.

Check out the closet! yes it was a room within itself. I think here we can all take away that organization is the key even if we have a shoebox closet.

This is the private study, what I love about this space is that it does not scream study. your study does not have to look like an office space. Furniture hides files, printers, scanners and yes..even a TV.

they even have a nook for a bar in the study. What I love about this is the wall treatment. I can so see it in a bathroom!

One of the secondary bedrooms, love that they painted the crown molding dark.

Bath attached, you can see the carried on the painted molding and once again included a lamp.

Another secondary bedroom..I like the idea of the mirrors over the side tables.

This is in an area of a hallway, just enough room for the chairs and a table. Do you have a nook like this? If so..add a nice little reading area.

I think I heard angels sing when I found the laundry room. Can you hear them? Lots of storage space..and a chandy!! I know we all can't have this kind of area for our laundry room, but what can we do to make it feel beautiful. Maybe a small chandy or really beautiful light fixture? A ceiling treatment? This was grass cloth.

Outside they have an outdoor kitchen looking out onto lush landscaping and view of the lake.

Make your backyard your own paradise with a seating area and some nice plants.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour and I hope you start looking at homes in a different light. I think we need to really pick apart homes we love and see how we can bring some of that into our homes. We all can do it and we don't have to live in a million dollar home to do so!

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