Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Dance

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I love Wordless Wednesday and this is perfect, for my dear daughter who started dancing at age 3, is now 18 and this is her last year..a year cut short due to an ACL tear during a halftime performance. So this is dedicated to my dear daughter..


Candy said...

WOW!!! That was some routine.
Happy WW, Candy

Dixie said...

Great video of the dance team... my daughters were cheerleaders and did routines but I secretly always love the dance team the best! (don't tell anybody!)..
hugs. Dixie

Linda C said...

Great video- so much movement in one routine- Wow!

Congrats to your daughter on her years in dance!

My daughter (our youngest of 6) turns 18 tomorrow. I am having all kinds of emotions over that:)

Happy WW!

Linda C

ann said...

how very proud you MUST be .She is gorgeous,talented,wowow...Ann

Leah said...

you must be very proud. :)

Jeanne said...

Your daughter is beautiful and the dance photos are great. I loved the one when she was a little girl. That was dedication to the dance.


Raggedy Girl said...

Great photos and the cowboy hat one is so specials.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.
from Roberta Anne

thestonerabbit said...

Wow! I can not imagine how much practice went into perfecting that amazing routine featured on the video! Such talent! I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. Your daughter is a real beauty!!! I hope she is on the mend!! Happy WW!! Dana

Jill said...

Great video! Cool routine! Happy WW!

Mamaoftwins said...

I know you have got to be so proud. What a talented daughter you have!