Monday, December 14, 2009

Met Monday and Christmas Tour of Homes

Better late than never right? I am joining both Met Monday for my home transformation into Christmas with Susan over at : and Holiday home tour with The Nester over at:
These photos were taken before I was done, but I have not taken new photos so your not getting the complete house, but its late, I'm late and tired so this is it for As you walk in you are greeted with My Santa and Santa mugs, they always bring a smile to my face..

Turn the corner and the main tree is light and bright, I have since added more ornaments and more ribbon..can you ever have too much? And this is Sammy, and is fav. place.

oopsss someones sideways!

ohhh and there is sweet samsam again.

at the stairs is where we hang our stockings..

All ready for Santa to fill..

Down the hall and here I have filled jars I made with ornaments and snow..

Into the family room we have another tree..

All the ornaments on the bottom half are shatterproof due to large wagging tails..

The fireplace, more Santa's, lights and garland

Photos of the kids from Christmas years ago

Over the tv, more Santa's

On to the kitchen for a sweet Santa and his tree on the fridge..hey I spend lots of time here, need to be festive.

And a window full of Santa and the Mrs. getting ready to bake..

Here is my attempt at the dining room chandy..I have since added more ornaments and more decor in the dining room, but no picks yet..thanks for taking a mini tour of the home...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Lou Cinda said...

Beautiful!! Simply beautiful! I can related to the wagging tails! Mine is batting paws, so the ornies on the bottom of my tree are shatterproof too!

Everything is just gorgeous!

Lou Cinda :)

AllisonO said...

I love the snow and ornaments in the jars! Your home looks very cozy and elegant. Thank you for the tour!

Merry Christmas!

Bugzmommy said...

What an inviting cozy Christmas home!!! It looks great! Thanks for sharing.

The Decorated House said...

You've done such a beautiful job with all your decorations. My favorite is the pup by the tree. Looks like a good place to find toys for playing catch/fetch!
Merry Christmas!

Jan said...

Love it all! I especially love all the lights and the jars with the ornaments and snow! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your trees and decorations are beautiful and such a cute dog too.

Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

♥ your decorations! Your home looks fabulous, very festive!
May you be blessed beyond measure this Holiday Season!
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings~ Trisha

♥ ur blog background ;-)

Cha Cha said...

I love the jars and your mantel, your home is lovely. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.