Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All the Pups!

Hi all...well today the kids went back to school from the holiday break, so I ran errands and did returns! LOL..I am ashamed to say all the holiday decorations are still up, I just have not had the energy to take them down but I do plan on attacking the big tree in the morning. I am ready to really clean and get the house back to some type of order, if that's attainable with a cat, dogs, a husband and 2 teens. I have to share a photo of my little pups..we are in Texas so we don't get lots of cold weather, but yesterday was cold!! ..My little Terrie Sydney curled up in the blanket and was so cute, while my female Candi curled up on the large dog bed that she NEVER sleeps on..well she took it over and Sammie our new baby..he's 7 months old decided he really wanted that bed back! Well he did not get it, so he shared. I am posting a photo of Sammie when we got him, he was a day old, abandoned by his mother and we were suppose to just foster him. Well now he's family. LOL..hope you enjoy the pic's!

Sammie from the beginning!

Notice the bear??? Did it shrink?

This is Candi (aka freckles) and Sammie, the baby!! Sammie is the all blond pup!

This is Sydney

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