Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm so deflated!

So after taking all my holiday decor down I could not decide what to do with my mantel. I wanted to do something different, the mood was not there so I left a bare and naked mantle sit for 3 sad is that? So yesterday as I sat on the couch I could stand it no more and started working on it..its done but not done..does that make sense? Its boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When my husband got home I said..I really just don't like it and he said.. "well its kinda boring" OK..when I say that its fine but when he said it, I wanted to cry! LOL But he continued to say..its just because the mantle was so full with the holiday decor that it just seems sparse now, that we just need to get use to it. Maybe...but I think I will continue playing with it and see if anything strikes my fancy. Anyone else having issues like this? ohh and forgive the pic's, the day was cloudy and I just could not get enough light!


marty39 said...

Boy do I understand! When all the decorations came down and I took one look around all I could see was emptiness and boring. Isn't it funny how things seem so cluttered when it's all up and then so empty when it's all down. lol I've been trying to get the creative juices going, but so far not much. Good luck, I do know what you mean. Hugs, Marty

Linda said...

Don't feel bad, it is the January Can't Decorate Blues for many I think. I have it too!
Brain lag and don't know what to do , so I am doing some reorganizing instead and waiting till I have an AwwwHa moment or two on the decorating!

Diane said...

I totally understand! I'm having the same problems in my house. ♥ Diane

The Muse said...

I can feel your pain :( I just decides that I am going to move furniture ALL around...and release some of disappoint into creativity..
of course...
a little vintage shopping never hurts!