Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mantel Magic for the Holidays

Lighted Garland Draping an evergreen garland over a mantel is a nice way to decorate in a hurry. Make sure to wire or tie each end to a concealed nailunder the mantel so the greenery stays put. Tiny white lights andsimple decorations of fruit or ornaments will complete the look.

Candle Extravaganza Go to excess with this display of white candles that can take you from November through February. Perfect for a fireplace that is no longer functioning, the candles light up the normally dark fireboxwith romance and sparkle.

Ornamental Elements Nestle candlesticks among greenery, and rest an ornament or tree-topper finial on each candlestick, securing it with a little candlewax. This is a great way to showcase special ornaments, though besure to secure the elements of this arrangement so nothing getsbroken.

Candle Display Interestingly textured candles add a romantic glow to a woodfireplace mantel. Massing the candles together and arranging themwith an eye toward their height and shape will make an attractivedisplay.

Golden Flower Pots Decorate your mantel as a stunning focal point with these ideas. Aspectacular candle and ornament display within the firebox. On top ofthe mantel, small flowerpots that have been painted gold and toppedwith personalized ornaments for a fun and easy project.

Ivy Topiaries Here's an easy mantel decoration. Look for tree-shaped topiaries at the garden center or florist. Embellish with a wrap of ribbon or a few tiny ornaments. Keep watered well for a decoration that will look good through the holidays and beyond.

Sugarplum Style When decorating for the holidays, choose decorations that fit into your existing decor.

Musical Dreams The love of music can spark a creative mantel that features musicalinstruments, candles, and ribbons. Nearby, a music-themed tree sticksto the silver, gold, and white color theme. Copies of sheet music areused as special touches on the tree and in the gift wraps.

Copper and Gold Metallics are a great theme for fireplace display. Small trees in garden urns flank the candle display in the center. Pinecones, copper-toned ribbons, and metallic decorations adorn the trees and firebox candle arrangement.

Simply Blue and White A mantel that features holiday elements add to an existing display of blue-and-white platters. The evergreen swag can be garnished with sheer ribbon and draped simply across the fireplace. A few more evergreenbranches can be tucked between the china.

Pinecone Swag An antique sideboard can be decorated in a manner that could also be used on a mantel. Footed glass compotes filled with miniature pinecones, then garnished with matte glass ornaments and satin ribbons.

Glitter and Glow Mantelscape A small collection of candleholders and some common objects add up to a stunning mantelscape.

Nutcracker Mantel A parade of nutcrackers standing guard on a stately library table is assembled into a textural "garland."Mix Old and New You don't have to chase everything off your mantel in order to decorate for Christmas; add greenery and fruit or ornaments for a holiday look.

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