Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only 1 more day of finals!!!!

Both my kids had finals today, they are off Thursday because of exemption and will have one final left for Friday. I am so excited for them to have a break. I admit I am one of those moms that loves when the pace slows down and the kids are home. Of course these days they spend more time with their friends than at home, but its the thought that counts right?

I was looking around at holiday pic's and found I love the whole white on white Christmas decor..well white decor in general! Its not a reality in my home between teens, dogs and a cat it would drive me insane keeping it all clean. But..I found several pictures I wanted to share, everyone screams color.. color.. color...but white is beautiful in decor. Hope you all have a Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!

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texasdaisey said...

I love color but I also love the white. Your pictures are so beautiful. They are dreamy . . .
Debbie Howard