Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twas the night before finals..

and all through the house not a teen or mom was sleeping, only my spouse! LOL..its finals week for my teens and we have had a very busy evening! I am done..done I tell you with all my decor..could it be ? Or am I just so tired I don't know what I am saying? The elves have been busy with the 12 days of Christmas and its always fun to do even with the older kids. Each of my kids have a stocking on their door and each night the elf leaves a treat in the stocking. Nothing big, sometimes gum, sometimes a special little trinket..nothing too expensive. I am working on a tablescape for Christmas Eve..so if you have any ideas please pass them on. I have one for Christmas day but I want something more relaxed for the eve of Christmas..here are a few ideas I like..

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texasdaisey said...

What pretty arrangements, especially the apples with the roses.