Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still Decorating!

So today my hubby and I worked on taking more boxes out of the attics and putting out Christmas items. After he put the garland and lights on the stairs I put up the rest, complete with stockings. I put out my collection of Santa's, they always make me smile. My son came home at 7am after having going to a lock in at our local gaming place. Its usually all guys and they play video games all night long, can you imagine? Not me! My daughter went out today and took pictures with some friends and her boyfriend, they came out cute. Later this evening we watched the Hallmark channel with back to back Christmas shows. Tomorrow evening I am attending a Christmas party with a few friends, should be fin and gearing up for another party at the end of the week with my bible study class. All and all this was a nice weekend, keep your fingers crossed I will get the rest of my decor up by Wed. !!!

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